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When you’re looking for a Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency you want someone with a track record, an agency with back to back results. We’re so confident that we guarantee our services. Get a return on investment or your money back, simple.
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You're officially in the top 10% of Shopify Brand owners... Because you’re looking to grow your list. Build a tribe. And Create something they can't take away from you. We’re a Klaviyo Email Marketing agency that exists to help Shopify Brands grow their sales, add more profit and explode their business.

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We don’t just design emails – we create marketing masterpieces that capture the essence of your brand and speak persuasively to your audience. Our on-brand copy is infused with personality, and our gorgeous email designs are irresistible, begging to be clicked. With our expertise, your email campaigns will be the envy of your competitors and the object of your customers’ desires.

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Grow your email list and turn subscribers into loyal customers with our proven tactics

Tired of paying for website traffic, only to see 3% (at best) of visitors make a purchase? With Klaviyo Email Marketing, we can help you capture those leads and turn them into loyal customers who keep coming back for more. That means you won’t have to let the staggering 97% of potential customers slip away, and your business can start seeing consistent, long-term profit. Our conversion-focused strategies are designed to make the most of your traffic, building a strong email list and nurturing those leads with targeted, personalized campaigns. Don’t let your ad spend go to waste.

Our Process

At our Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency, we specialize in email/SMS marketing and are obsessed with generating consistent and measurable results for your business. Our expert team focuses on capturing your audience's attention, converting them into loyal customers, nurturing them with exceptional experiences, and leveraging smart segmenting and retargeting to keep them coming back for more. Let us help take your business to the next level with our comprehensive and results-driven approach to email/SMS marketing.



We create highly successful pop-ups using  a data-driven approach that capture your wandering traffic and add them to your email list 



Once they are on your list we send hype tailored content to turn them from subscriber to buyer 



Treating your customer like family is key to success, ensuring your customers have an incredible experience, always 



Utilizing smart segmenting we target the right customers and get them coming back again, and again.

"The team at E2 are an absolute pleasure to work with. They know what they’re doing in the eCommerce world & find creative ways to store and drive revenue for their clients. They are experts on Klaviyo and I would highly recommend them to any eCommerce store looking to grow fast, make a lot of money, and work with good people.”
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Senior Account Executive At Klaviyo
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From 14% to 40% in 30 days

“In under 30 days e2 Agency transformed our Klaviyo account into a money making machine! They took us from 14% to 40% in less than 30 days, this enables us to spend more on advertising and grow much faster!”

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