Klaviyo vs Mailchimp

Klaviyo and mailchimp are competitors. However, they serve very different purposes. While mailchimp is best known for its free email marketing tool, klaviyo provides an entirely different set of features.

On the surface, both tools appear identical. However, if you've ever used one, you'll know that there's a world of difference between them. First off, lets look at the free plan:

  • free

  • basic functionality

  • unlimited contacts

  • send an unlimited number of emails per day

  • 5MB of storage

There are several key differences between klaviyo and mailchimp. To help you decide which is best suited to your needs, we'll compare them here.


One of the first things you'll notice about klaviyo is that it offers a lot more features. The best part is that almost all of these features are totally free. You won't find any paid plans here. To give you a taste of what klaviyo has to offer, here's a quick breakdown of some of its standout features.

Advanced Segmentation

Segmentation is one of the core concepts behind any effective email marketing campaign. With basic segmentation, you can target specific groups of customers based on their interests. However, with advanced segmentation, you can get super-duper-duper specific with your targeting. You can even target individual subscribers based on things like their geographic location and device type. To give you an example, if you run a car dealership, you can target potential customers in your area based on the make and model of their cars. You can then send a special offer for that vehicle type to the individual subscribers.

Content Library

With a solid content library, you can quickly create compelling content to support your campaigns. You can add video, infographics, and presentations to your library. This content can then be used across your email marketing campaigns. Additionally, you can use third-party apps to quickly create and publish content. To give you an idea of what's possible with a content library, here are just a few of the apps that klaviyo integrates with:

  • Shopify Store

  • Wix Store

  • HubSpot Store

  • GoDaddy Domain

  • Freshbooks

  • Hootsuite

  • Buzzfeed

  • Medium

  • ConvertKit

  • Automate emails


While most email marketing tools will do the trick, klaviyo takes things a step further by offering advanced tracking. With this feature, you can view every email that your customers send you. This includes stats like opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. You can even track conversions from every email you send. The best part is that this tracking is totally free. So not only do you get all the features for free, but you don't have to pay for the tracking either.


Let's get to the meaty part now…

Klaviyo offers 12 unique ways to organize your campaigns. You can create group emails or individual emails. Either way, you can choose to email only once or continue to send emails at the end of a particular period. You can track every aspect of your campaign, from opens to clicks and conversions. Plus, you get all this for free!

To give you an idea of how powerful this tool is, here's a short list of some of the biggest names in business that use klaviyo:

  • Tory Burch

  • Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Chuck Norris

  • Bonnie High

  • John Legend

  • Kevin Spacey

  • Amy Schumer

  • Arianna Huffington

  • Kate Spade

  • Kate Moss

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