Is Klaviyo suitable for small businesses for Ecommerce?

Information is power. In all areas and in all sectors. If we knew the lottery number, we would play it safe.

The same thing happens in a standard business: if said company knew who was going to buy from it, it would invest all its economic and mental effort in being present before that client.

This is not something new. If we turn to traditional television we can see that, depending on the time and, above all, depending on the programming at the time, there will be different themes in the ads shown. (Example: in sporting events it is very common to see advertisements related to televisions or cars in the intermissions. Something closely related to the type of public that watches said events).

In conclusion: in digital advertising we always spend a large amount of time trying to impact those who are most likely to purchase products or convert events on our website.

Email Marketing Automation

Online businesses have been working with email marketing tools for a long time to try to attract and retain their customers.

Probably the proper name most associated with this term is “Mailchimp”. An email automation platform that allows a large number of actions and customization options for this type of action and with a specific pricing plan based on the options you want to hire.

Although it is not specially designed for ecommerce, it has always been a guaranteed option.

I think it is important to emphasize the word "automation" since, after all, most of the processes that we contemplate are used to try to reduce work time in managing large amounts of data.

For example, create a strategy for a series of clients (scheduled sending of different emails every 3 days in the form of a future conversion strategy.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a company born in 2012 based in Boston that provides its services through an Email Marketing platform.

What can make it different from others? To begin with, it is designed for online stores, delivering its benefits to this type of service.

To this we add that through Klaviyo we can analyze the behavior of any user registered in the store: what product they have seen, how long they have been browsing the page, what cart they have abandoned, of course the purchases... Etc.

This information is very interesting. It can be collected in such a way that it will be able, through the analysis of said actions, to know what is the best way to interact via email marketing (and also with SMS functionalities) with that client.

Imagine, for example, that a user enters your fashion store and walks through the jacket area but never through the pants area. This behavior is repeated over time. Here you could make the decision to send this user and the like a personalized newsletter with the products that he usually sees, discarding the others. That is, a customized advertisement.

This information also allows you to know, for example, who has read the emails you send. In such a way, that you may not be interested in continuing to have certain people who do not read you in your database.

In the long term, more information is available, therefore, once you know your client in more detail, you could even know when it is best to contact them. I mean, the chances are very high. Are we interested in trying to win back certain customers who haven't bought for a long time? Let's customize something for them. The segmentation possibilities are really high and useful.

To all this we must add its possibility of integration with the main ecommerce platforms (Shopify, woocommerce...), which is essential to be able to get the most out of it.

The power of data science

Klaviyo has also studied Data Science, and loves the value of prediction. That is why, if there is enough data for a consistent time and the platform is allowed sufficient learning time, this tool will be able to provide a forecast estimate of the future behavior of a given user by applying an algorithm.

This also gives the possibility to create segmentation lists for, for example: people most likely to buy 5 times in 6 months.

As we have started this post, the more information, the more power over the discipline you are dealing with. That is why Klaviyo becomes a very interesting option for those responsible for ecommerce who seek to optimize and learn about the characteristics of their website, audience, and products. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us!

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