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Who it's for

The Sky-Rocket System is for you if you’re a Shopify Merchant with an existing business making at least $20,000 /month. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:

  • Scaling while maintaining a high ROI.
  • Struggling to bring customers back consistently, increasing their Life time value.
  • Creating profitable Email and SMS Campaigns week in week out
  • Maintaining an engaged list of Email and SMS subscribers that is growing daily
  • You aren’t confident your ads will make you enough sales to continue to grow your store

What Alex has to say about working with us...

Alex Urban | Lions Not Sheep

How it works

The Sky-Rocket System gives you everything you need to transform your store into a profit making machine:

  • Vision: A 1:1 onboarding call where we discuss your brand, your goals & how we can make it a reality.
  • Tools: We will identify all the tools you need to create perfect synergy between your Shopify store, Email system & your SMS program.
  • Action Plan: After discovering your goals, we’ll put together an action plan & execute it, to help you add more revenue to your store with Email & SMS.
  • Tech: Integrating all of your technologies together to make them speak in perfect harmony.
  • Design: We’ll create a custom master template that will make your brand look premium & stand out from the crowd.
  • Copy: With native english speakers we create compelling copy that will speak your brand voice, tonality & convert more subscribers into buyers adding profit into your bank account.
  • Approval: You’ll have several opportunties to approve designs, copy or anything we plan to launch for your brand.
  • Launch: Once we’re ready we’ll set it live & watch it make money.
  • Results: Our mission is to add an extra 30% sales & reenue using Email & SMS marketing. Giving you more money to re-invest in your brand, ads or whatever you want… Maybe a vacation?
  • Guarantee: We have built more than 450 systems worldwide and helped generate over $80 Million US dollars, we know our system works & we guarantee that if you don’t get a return on investment plus profit, we’ll give you a full refund, cut you a cheque for $1,000 and we’ll let you keep the system.

How to get started

If you’re a Shopify Merchant with an existing business making at least $20,000 /month and you’re interested in sales, profits, and your own happiness —

Schedule a call using the calendar below and somebody from our team will meet with you on Zoom to see if The Sky-Rocket System is a good fit. If you have any questions, email [email protected]


15% to 25% Extra Revenue Every Month
  • Integrations, 3rd party & tech synergy.
  • My Perfect Pop-up™ Formula
  • Sales Driving Welcome Series
  • Double Your Sales Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Browse Abandonment Flow
  • New & Return Customer Thank You
  • Happy Birthday Flow
  • Win-back or Re-sell flow
  • Dead list Re-engager
  • Spring Clean, clear unwanted email subscribers
  • Design & Copywriting done for you
  • Guaranteed Return on Investment**


An extra 10% Every Single Month
  • Integrations, 3rd party & tech synergy.
  • My Million Dollar Trojan Horse™ Formula
  • High Converting Keyword Reply Crusher
  • Winning Abandoned Cart Text Reminder
  • Browse Abandonment Flow
  • New & Return Customer Thank You
  • Upsell Pro, sell more stuff
  • 1:1 Compliance and best practices coaching call

Commonly people believe that when you begin to create automations, or email/sms your list more regularly you’re going to annoy your customers. Our automations are highly tailored to the behaviour of the customer which then makes it relevant and timely, which is actually appreciated by your subscribers!

This is a great question and my recommendation is to send 2 to 3 times per week for email and 5 times per month for SMS, this will give your subscribers a chance to open more regularly, become engaged & when they think about purchasing a product you’ll be at the forefront of their mind, this is what we call “recency and frequency”. 

The trick is to create content that is both engaging and educating (we call it infotaining) along with sales each week, this way we have a healthy balance of give, take, give take.

If 2 to 3 a week sounds a lot, we offer a partnership where we will handle your email and sms manual campaigns and send them for you.

This is a very good question & my most common one too at that! SMS is extremely profitable, with ridiculous returns on investment… But at great returns comes great spend? Nope, SMS is a pay as you go service, so if you send 1,000 text messages you only pay for 1,000 text messages. And the average ROI from my experience is at the very least 17x, so if you spend $1,000 I would expect to see $17,000 in sales.

Believe it or not this is a concern for some… Let me put you at ease. I’ve been operating E2 Agency for roughly 6 years now and we have a stellar repuation. The last thing I would do is to ruin my reputation by stealing a list that is not useful to me. So rest assured, my reputation, my integrity & my respect for you would mean that your list is safe & sound at all times.

This is a great question & it’s my most popular answer… I’m very careful with who I work with, I want to ensure we’re both a fit, hence the discovery call you’re about to book. If we’re a good fit my guarantee stands, if you do not get a return on your investment and a profit within the first 30 days of our system going live I will refund you every single cent, cut you a check for $1,000 for wasting your time & I’ll even let you keep the system. In my 6 years this has happened only once.

I hear you… My answer here is simple. I offer a big balls guarantee, no doubt about it. I can guarantee that because the software & tools I use speak together in perfect harmony, allowing for a seamless customer experience & an incredible return on investment for you. We do not HAVE to move over to my tools, however, if you want incredible results guaranteed it’ll be based on moving to the softwares we use and know work.

We make this offer because we are actually really good

let us earn your business.

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"In the last 4 months it's been almost $1,000,000 just from email alone... Which is just a lot of found money. The nice thing about email is that it's 75% - 85% net profit." - David Worsham

“They’ve been killing it for my store’s… Jason is still able to pull an extra 15-20% every month revenue with no additional ad cost to my store. Especially when 2018 started…”

James McKinney

“We started working with Jason 90 days ago. We’re over 30% from email… I can’t express what a massive difference that makes in an ecom business”

Matt Orlic | Inspire Brands Group

“He has done a phenomenal job, before we were doing 15% of revenue from email & within about 30 days I’ve seen an extra 10%… Now I generate 25% of my revenue from email!”

Phil Kyprianou | Goth Rider

“They are masters in Klaviyo… Very professional, very easy to work with and delivered results in a short time frame. Trust me, he will make you more money than you invest by far.”

Gabriel Haro | 7-Figure Dropshipper

“I’m going to refer you to pretty much everyone… I think you generated around $60,000 in 2 months.”

Murray Edwards | Advanced Teeth Whitening

“We were struggling to break 7-figures, email marketing helped a lot. The branding really helped us grow as a business. In the first month we generated an extra 30% of our sales.”

Mark Peterson | 7-Figure Brand Owner

Partners With:

Even my students get results with our systems...

“Within the first 3 weeks of launching all the flows, I made back all the money I paid for the course.”

“If you’re not doing email you’re losing a ton of money. This method pays for it’s self. You really can’t afford to not be doing the things he shows you.

“The course has improved my business by at least 20% every single month.”

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