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Meet the E2 Founder and your eCommerce
Email Marketing Expert

Jason K Williamson Founder

Recognised as a leading eCommerce Email Marketing Expert, to date Jason has helped generate for his clients a staggering $6,157,141.01 in email marketing alone.

Adding more than 20% to his client’s revenue with smarter, more relevant emails, that utilise powerful automated campaigns, targeting unique customer behaviour & delivering highly converting email sequences.

We’ve created email marketing eCommerce frameworks for the world’s fastest growing industries




Welcome to Ecommerce Experts.

Here at E2 we have broken the mold for “standard” email marketing. We provide superior email campaigns that will make your profits surge.

We develop genuine interest in your brand, so we can market it as if it was our own.

Has your company been stuck with average results?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur that wants more than the status quo?

Are you ready to break the mold, and watch your monthly revenue rise?

It is time for you to experience your company’s true potential.


At E2 we take the stress and questions out of email marketing, going above and beyond competitors with our wide variety of email campaigns.

From lead generation to customer retention, we cover all of your email needs, helping you maximize your profits and experience results that you never thought possible.

Whether you are just starting your company, or you have an established process that can use a breath of new life, we are here to help.

We believe that there are many different phases of the consumer lifecycle, and so it is vital that we have email campaigns to engage them all along their journey.

You can forget about generic emails. These are specially tailored by a team of experts to provide you with the best results possible.

Think specialized content sent specifically to potential customers, exactly when it is most effective. Emails reminding customers that they have not completed checkout, converting doubtful potentials into long-term customers.


Discover how much extra revenue we could be bringing you every month

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We’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs grow more profitable ecommerce businesses

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“Jason and the team at E2 are an absolute pleasure to work with. They know what they’re doing in the ecommerce world and find creative ways to drive revenue for their clients. They’re experts on Klaviyo and I would highly recommend them to any ecommerce store looking to grow fast, make a lot of money, and work with good people.”

Pete James | Senior Account Executive at Klaviyo

Are you ready to unlock hidden sales in your store?

We are not satisfied with your business staying where it is.

We want to see your company reach higher than you ever thought possible.

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