16 Email Marketing Topics to Consider

Creating your brand and ensuring that you get customers who will buy from you and stick with you for a long time is vital to the growth and success of your business. That is why you should use various marketing platforms to ensure that you reach a wider audience. Email marketing topics will help you communicate with potential buyers and help you improve sales.

There are many email marketing topics to choose from, so make sure that you select topics in line with your goals and company objectives. It is also essential to consider your customers’ tastes and preferences so that you can select appropriate topics.

We know that sometimes you may lack ideas on what to write, so we compiled 16 email marketing topics you can choose from.

Updates On New Products

Ensure that your customers are aware of new products that you plan to introduce in the near future. This is one of the best email marketing topics because you get to share with your customers and, at the same time, market your new product. By the time the product is on the market, customers know all about it and can’t wait to sample it!


Your loyal customers can make the best employees because they already know all about your goods and services and so they can easily sell them to others. That is why you should ensure that when you have open positions, send them an email letting them know that you are hiring and welcoming them to apply.

Anniversaries And Birthdays

Email marketing topics don’t have to be about marketing your products all the time. They should also help you connect with your customers and make them know they are a part of your company. When your company celebrates birthdays or anniversaries, let them know and welcome them to celebrate virtually with you.

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Email Marketing Topics


As far as email marketing topics go, this topic is all about showing your customers they are essential and you value them. So every once in a while, send them an email alerting them of the great deals you are offering. If they are limited, make sure to let them know to hurry while the stocks last!


Apart from great email marketing topics compiling a list of frequently asked questions goes a long way in reducing customer calls for assistance. So please do not wait for customers to call or email you with questions, look for all the questions they frequently ask and offer answers in an email marketing campaign.


Email marketing topics focus on marketing your products, but they should also create a long-lasting relationship with your customers. So offer them free resources such as vouchers and training once in a while.


Unfortunately, no matter how good you are, it is not always about you. That is why some of the email marketing topics in this list are majorly about the customer. You can recommend other services providers that you feel your customers can benefit from; this goes a long way in building trust with them.

Share Any Good News

Your customers enjoy celebrating with you, so anytime you receive an award, inform them. This will boost their confidence and loyalty because customers enjoy being associated with a recognized brand, so do not shy off from sharing your achievements with them.

Videos And Step By Step Guides

Customers may need help, especially when you launch a new product in the market. That is why you should choose email marketing topics that go beyond promoting sales. Videos and step-by-step guides are excellent forms of after-sales services that will lead to a good relationship with your customers.

Opinion Poll

Knowing how your customers feel is an excellent way of knowing how to move forwards and the changes you need to put in place. You can send an opinion poll to ask for your customers’ opinions on various goods and services.


It should not be all about business; once in a while, mix it up with fun. You can send your customers fun quotes or business quotes as part of your email marketing topics. Make this a tradition, and your customers will always look out for your emails.

Thank You Notes

Although you’ve worked hard to grow your business, all you’ve achieved will not have been possible without your suppliers and customers. It is essential to let them know that you feel so unlike the other email marketing topics in this list; this topic is all about thanking your customers. Send them a thank you email as a way of appreciation.

Community Service Initiatives

Giving back to society is very important for any business. That is why you should end an email marketing campaign with the community service initiatives you are involved in. You can also encourage them to take part in these activities and show them why they are essential.

A Top Ten List

Are you out of email marketing topics? How about compiling a list of the top ten products or services that your company offers? You can list the prices and whether you offer discounts and encourage your customers to try them. This will boat sales, and your customers will know of the products you have.

Surveys And Studies

Sharing surveys and studies that have been done about your company is one of the best email marketing topics to consider. Share with your customers’ findings from a recent study about your company and the goods you offer.

Updates About Social Channels

Your customers should know about the various channels they can reach you through or get information about your company or the goods and services you offer. Update them on the various social media platforms and encourage them to reach out to you, and you will respond.


There are various email marketing topics you can choose from. So do not send the same things over and over to your customers because they may get bored and unsubscribe from your email list. Be creative and choose unique email marketing topics that will educate and encourage your customers. Do not hesitate to reach out to them once in a while to find out their ideas and complaints about your email marketing campaigns.