12 Email Marketing Tips to Use in a Sequence: How To Bring Back Customers

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Email Sequence

Sequence tips for Retaining a customer are an excellent choice as it is easier than gaining new customers. Existing customers know what they get from you that they cannot easily find in other companies. you may sometimes realize that a customer stopped buying from you, and you don’t know why.

The good news is that there are tips that you can use in sequence to understand why they left so that you can work on bringing them back.

Once you realize why a customer left, it will be easier to work on getting them back.

As long as you use the tips in the proper sequence, you will be amazed how fast you will get them back and even attract new ones in the process.  Read on to find out how to bring back the customers you have lost.

Find Out Why They Left

This is the first tip in this sequence because finding out why a customer left is the first step in understanding how to bring them back. Ensure that you collect all the available data about the customers to understand better where your relationship changed.

Once you understand why they left, you are now ready to work on the best way of winning them back.  It is easier to win back customers once you know why they stopped doing business with you in the first place.

Make Them Know They Are Missed

It is our nature as human beings to want to feel appreciated and vital. That is why the second task in your sequence is to reach out to them and show them that you realized they stopped doing business with you.

Tell them how important they are to you and that you miss doing business with them. You will realize that customers stay with a business where they feel appreciated and valued, so ensure that they know they are important and a part of your company.

Take Responsibility And Admit Your Mistakes

If you realize that you lost a customer due to your mistake or, your employees, do not hesitate to take responsibility for your actions. Apologizing to the customer and asking how you can make it up to them. This is the next step in this sequence. 

Remind The Customer Of What They Are Missing

There is a reason why the customer had chosen to work with you in the past. This point of the content in your sequence is about reminding them what they are missing by not working with you. By showing the customer that you are still the same passionate and dedicated company they chose in the past, they will likely come back.

Don’t Leave Them In The Dark

Customers may have stopped doing business with you for various reasons, so do not assume that it is simply because they lost interest. That is why in this part of the sequence, you should not leave them hanging but instead show them that you are interested in doing business with them in the near future. Tell them of new offers and new products you have introduced, show them how you have improved the quality of goods and service delivery.

Ask For Their Feedback

Although you may have collected data that can help you understand why a customer took their business elsewhere, it does not end there. At this point of the sequence, you should encourage them to give their feedback, encourage them to talk to you, and assure them that you are ready to listen.  Apart from bringing the lost customers back, their feedback will help you improve your company and increase customer satisfaction.

Concentrate On Meeting Their Needs

Customers will take their business elsewhere when they realize that you’re not meeting their needs. That is why at this point of the sequence, you should be more focused than ever in ensuring that all their needs are met. One way of doing this is to note their suggestions and complaints and work on getting a solution.

Give Them Your Full Attention

One thing that leads to losing customers is giving them divided attention. After all, they are spending their money, so it is within their right to get all your attention. That is why you should assure the lost customers of your full attention. Apart from your attention, this part of the sequence should also focus on being more understanding. Understanding your customers well is an excellent way of helping you retain them in the long run. 

Offer Them An Economic Advantage

What do you have to offer the customers that they cannot get elsewhere? Remember that customers are trying to save and get value for their money. So to gain an advantage over your competitors, offer them an economic advantage such as discounts and gift vouchers. Ensure that your prices are competitive and watch as your old customers come back.

Assure Them That Things Will Change

Now that the customer is showing signs that they may come back, it is time to give them a little push, especially if they left after a bad experience. This tip is crucial in the sequence because it will help your customer make up their mind. Assure them that when they come back, things will be different, and they will enjoy better service delivery or high-quality products.

Be Ready To Rebuild Trust

In most cases, trust is either lost or badly affected when a customer stops doing business with you. Unfortunately, even if you followed the sequence correctly, the customer may be disinterested in coming back unless you are ready to rebuild the lost trust.

So this part of the sequence focuses on working on rebuilding the lost trust. Be ready to prove to the customers that despite what has transpired, they can trust you!


Communication is a very vital tip in this sequence. Proper relationships are built on a foundation of strong trust and communication. Unless you can communicate efficiently with your customers, then it will be hard to rebuild your relationship. So once the customer is back, work on how to retain them!


Losing a customer can be frustrating, especially if they have been part of your business for a long time. The good news is that when you use the above tips in sequence, you will get back the customers and retain them for many years to come.