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Most agencies have it wrong, they focus on pretty images and cute messages, but you can’t take that to the bank. We are a performance-driven agency that turns $1 into $10. Let me explain our process…

Step 1


We create highly successful pop-ups using a data-driven approach that capture your wandering traffic and add them to your email list.

Step 2


Once they are on your list we send hyper-tailored content to turn them from subscriber to buyer

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Step 3


Treating your customers like family is key to our success, ensuring your customers have an incredible experience, always.

Step 4


Utilising smart segmenting we target the right customers and get them coming back again, and again.

“The team at E2 are an absolute pleasure to work with. They know what they’re doing in the eCommerce world & find creative ways to store and drive revenue for their clients. They are experts on Klaviyo and I would highly recommend them to any eCommerce store looking to grow fast, make a lot of money, and work with good people.”

Pete James, Senior Account Executive at Klaviyo

Yes, I want a $1,000 Custom Klaviyo email Marketing strategy Specifically For My Store, For FREE!

Let me explain… First, we’ll audit your Email Marketing Strategy and Klaviyo account, spy on your competitors, learn your target audience, and analyze your sales processes and goals with you. Then, based on what you tell us, we’ll develop a custom email marketing plan specifically for your Shopify store… 100% free.

Everything we discuss is hyper-tailored for your Shopify store after we’ve had a chance to ask you about your sales process, sales goals, and your branding strategy. There is no charge for this and there is no Catch.

We do this because many people who go through this process are so impressed and happy, that they ask to become a client.

Please note this is not a sales call. We usually charge $1,000 for this kind of comprehensive Email Marketing business analysis and planning. You’ll be speaking with one of our highly trained digital strategists, who will come up with a plan tailored to your business to maximize your leads and sales. There’s no obligation for you to take up any of our Email or SMS Marketing services.

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At e2 Agency, we believe that using the most powerful tools on the planet is essential when working to create ludicrous profits for our clients. That’s why we choose to use Klaviyo. With extremely robust segmentation, you can send the right message to the right person.

e2 Agency - Email & SMS Marketing

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e2 Agency - Email & SMS Marketing



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Jason K Williamson

Jason K Williamson is responsible for helping eCommerce brands all over the world generate more than 20% consistently every single month extra revenue added to their store.

Jason’s empathy and genuineness helps him connect with brand owners on a deeper level, making their brand feel like his own & attaching his level of love and attention to help generate ridiculous results.

Jason has been in the industry for more than 6 years and has been known around the globe, speaking at events, coaching students, agencies & teaching at masterminds.

If you want to work with the best, he is the best.

Jason K Williamson Shopify Email Marketing Expert