Attention eCommerce Brand Owners...

Here's How One eCom Brand Made An Extra $53,191

With The ''ABP System''

In 28 Days… On AUTOPILOT … With ZERO Ad Spend!

In this case study, you'll discover:

  • How this Brand went from 8% of total revenue from email… To a whopping 37% ($53,191) in just 28 days… With ZERO ad spend!
  • How 21% ($29,911) of this extra revenue came in on autopilot via the ABP System… Totaled over the rest of the year, this Brand can expect to make at least $249,911 in sales!
  •  Why this Brand was able to achieve these results WITHOUT risking a cent of their own money…

''Huge shout out to e2 agency! These guys are literally changing the game for us... When we came in a few months ago, we had 8% from email... Now we are at a freaking 33%! The best part is that we didn't have to do anything at all... We just observed the numbers grow. And for the record, if you are in the same vertical as we are, and are not doing email marketing, you won't stand a chance!''

Armantas Bakmenas, Brand owner

Is it really possible to go from 8%- revenue from email…

To a whopping 37%?

Read on and you’ll find out that is possible…

And you’ll also discover how it was done.

So let’s begin.

Just a few months back, this Brand (actual name is redacted at request of the owner) were doing around 8%- of total revenue from email.

Knowing they could do better, they hired several agencies to do their email market­ ing for them.

Unfortunately, none of these agencies that this Brand hired, were able to break 15% of revenue from email (meaning, if they made $100,000 in revenue over one month, only $15,000 of this was coming from email).

But the founders knew that having an extra cash boost of 20-30% every month would help their business grow at light speed.

So after hopping from agency to agency…

And eventually stumbled onto us (E2).

Although they were skeptical at first…

When they heard about our positive ROI guarantee, they knew they had nothing to lose.

If we didn’t perform, they wouldn’t have to pay us a cent.

So as soon as they came onboard, we set up our email systems for their store. And after just 1 month…

They made 37% of their total revenue from email alone!

That's $53,191 in 28 days!

And of course, since it’s email, there’s no media or ad costs attached to this figure either.

After their cost of goods, what’s left of the $53,191 is PURE PROFIT.

Here’s what the founder had to say about this:

So how were we able to achieve 37% of their total revenue with email…

When other agencies this Brand had hired in the past, all failed to crack the 15% mark?

And how did we do this in just 28 days?

Well, let us show you with today’s case study.

How was E2 Able To Help This Client Pull $53,191 In Sales In Just 28 Days?

Let’s start with how we were able to help this client pull 37% of their total revenue (equaling $53,191) in sales.

The reason we succeeded (where others had failed)…

Is because of the system we’ve developed over the years. It’s called…

The Autopilot Backend Profits ABP System

You see, the ABP system has been tested over 150 brands and has generated over $15,000,000 in trackable sales!

And the way we developed this system… Was by testing…

Testing some more…

And then even more testing.

You see, most agencies are not very data-driven.

They make assumptions and guesses about the market. They use big, pretty images…

Without knowing that fancy graphics rarely succeed in selling anything!

If they had tested this (e.g. by sending emails full of images vs. emails full of sales copy), they would know that persuasive words almost always out-pull fancy graph-ICS.

So armed with the expertise gained from over split-tests from over 150 brands…

We (E2) used this hard-won expertise and applied it to this client’s business…

And their email list responded by buying more products than they ever had through email!

Now, the second part of this question, comes down to how E2 was able to achieve this result in just 28 days…

The answer is simple.

As mentioned above, we’ve worked with over 150 brands and generated $15,000,000 in sales through thousands of split-tests.

And with this knowledge, we’ve developed a set of key principles that work like gangbusters across almost every industry we’ve come across in eCommerce.

So because we already had all this expertise at hand — it didn’t take long for us to apply this to their store and pull outstanding results in just 28 days

In a sense, this Brand benefited from the knowledge from split-tests that we had accu­ mulated over the 150+ brands that came before them.

So they weren’t just getting good emails…

They were getting the cumulative experience from all the tests we had done in the past!

A.K.A. the Autopilot Backend Profits (ABP) system.

But that’s not all….

Here’s How 21% Of The $53,191 Comes Into This Client’s

Bank Account… On Autopilot Through The ABP System!

Sales on autopilot?

Sounds far-fetched right?

Not if you have an eCommerce store like this Brand.

The screenshot above shows how 21% ($29,911) of Mindful Soul’s revenue for Febru­ ary, came purely from flows.

These flows are ”automations” — meaning, they are emails that get sent automatically when certain triggers are met.

For example, you might already know about the most common flow — abandoned carts.

Whenever an email subscriber abandons a cart, this flow gets to work and starts send­ ing a pre-set series of emails to this customer.

These emails are specifically designed to persuade the user to go back to their cart and complete the checkout process.

And of course, all of this happens on autopilot.

Whether the founders are working, sleeping or enjoying a night out…

Their flows are always working diligently, capturing sales for them.

Now, these flows in themselves, are not unique to us.

For example, there are a lot of agencies out there who will set this up abandoned cart flows for you.

In fact, the previous agencies (who were unable to break the 15% mark for this Brand), most likely set up abandoned cart flows.

So how are E2’s flows able to generate so much more?

The answer loops back to our methodology of data-driven email marketing.

All of our emails (including those in flows) are specifically tailored based on the data gained from thousands of split-tests, over 150+ brands.

For example, we know that in the right circumstances, plain-text emails sell just as well (if not more) as HTML-based emails.

Above is an ongoing split-test for plain-text vs. HTML emails, for one of the clients we work with

Or as another example, we run a certain test across all of the stores we work with.

This test tells us the specific point in days, where most users start ”dropping off” in en­ gagement.

Using this data, we then set up flows to ”win back” this customer BEFORE they drop off in engagement.

Above is an example of a finished subject line split-test

This attention to detail, is how we were able to generate blockbuster results for this Brand.

We’ve proven time and time again, the ABP system performs across all of the eCom­ merce brands we work with.

For example, below are results over 30 days for a supplement store. 26% of the store’s revenue comes from the ABP system we’ve put in place for them!

Here’s another example of the last 30 days for an eCommerce brand that sells wom­ en’s accessories:

Across the board, the ABP system is able to pull 20% – 30% of revenue consistently, across all industries!

However, there’s one thing to keep in mind when it comes to automations.

Even though these automations are ”set and forget” for the clients who work with us (like this Brand)…

They are NOT ”set and forget” for us (E2).

Because we’re constantly testing new ideas, new subject lines and more, with these automations.

With each test, the automation becomes more custom-tailored for your market -­and therefore pulls more sales.

This is another reason why many agencies don’t get the results we do for our clients…

Because these agencies often set the automations once, and never test or optimize it further!

It’s also why many ”DIY” entrepreneurs aren’t able to pull the same numbers from their emails as we do…

Because it’s simply too time-consuming to grow and operate a business while also split-testing emails at the same time!

Instead, savvy businesses like this Brand know it’s more effective to outsource to experts.

In fact, here’s what the founder said about outsourcing to experts:

Unfortunately, the first few agencies they reached out to didn’t work for them.

But as you’ve seen so far, the ABP System has worked like gangbusters…

Pulling 37% ($53,191) of their total revenue in just 28 days…

All on auto-pilot!

So if you’d like to get results like this for your own eCommerce brand…

Here's How To Get The Autopilot Backend Profits System Implemented For YOUR Business

With results over 150 brands and $15,000,000+ in trackable sales…

The Autopilot Backend Profits System is perfect for you if:

  • You want to generate at least 20% – 30% of total revenue every month, with email alone
  • You want this revenue to come in on autopilot (we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you) 
  • You want to make sales WITHOUT spending money on ads

If the above fits you to a ”T…”

The ABP system is perfect for you.

With it, you’ll no longer need to worry about rising ad costs.

And with your media buying, you’ll be able to bid higher to win over customers against your competitors (and therefore scale faster)…

Plus, you’ll have a reliable system that keeps the cash flowing in via email automa­ tions.

Whether you’re working, on vacation or sleeping…

These email automations will continue to pull sales for you, month after month! Lastly, if you’ve had an exit strategy in the back of your mind…

Think of how much extra value would be added by having an extra 20% – 30%

MORE monthly revenue!

So if you’re ready to get the ABP system implemented for your brand…

Here’s how to get it:

First, book a free, no-obligation call with us here:

When you’ve clicked the link above, you’ll be taken to the E2 Website. Wait a few mo­ ments until you see the side-bar pop up.

There, our Rocket Bot will help you book your call!

Once your call is booked, we’ll have a quick chat to find out if we’ll be a good fit. And if we are?

You’ll get our full-service, ROI guarantee (the same one that this client from this case study got)!

The ROI guarantee ensures that you’ll get a positive return on the investment you make in us and our Autopilot Backend Profits system.

So unless we make you a positive return on your investment, you’ll get every cent back!

This means, you CAN’T lose out on this offer, as we’re taking on ALL of the risk.

Typically, you can expect to make at least 20% – 30% of your total revenue through email.

Sound good?

Good — but we’re going to sweeten the deal even further…

Because for the first 10 savvy business owners who sign up now, we’ll also set up SMS automations.

These SMS automations work similarly to the email automations mentioned before…

Except because it’s a NEW channel — you can expect to make another 5 -10% of your total revenue on autopilot from SMS!

Normally, we’d charge an extra $1,997 for this service. However, if you’re among the first 10 people to sign up…

You’ll get these SMS automations (valued at $1,997), completely FREE of charge! (Think of it as a fast-action bonus).

So if you’d like to make an additional 20% – 30% of your total revenue on autopilot

via email (with NO extra ad spend)…

And you’d like to also get SMS automations set up (valued at $1,997), FREE of charge…

And you’d like to get all of this at ZERO risk to you (because of our ROI guarantee)…

Then hurry and book your call here!

We’ll see you inside,

The E2 Team